Festival and the Avenue for the Arts.

festival with big heads

A few years ago I saw a fantastic imge from Spain of festival goers wearing large paper mache heads standing in the center of a field of yellow flowers. The image was great, but the heads themselves were thrilling…. they had a comical/regal apperance and my imagination went into hyper drive… the possiblies seemed exciting….

Of course I never had the time/ reason to create a large paper Mache’ head… Fast forward a to a March potluck for the Avenue for the Arts residents. We were discussing how Avenue for the Arts should participate in Festival. Resident, Rachel VanDyke suggested that the Avenue create large paper mache’ heads and wear them as part of the performance for the opening of Festival.

I was super stoked when the group decided to go for it… After a few months of buidling big heads on June 4th we got to break them out and parade downtown as part of the 2010 festival opening. Here are a few pictures from the event and a brief video that was posted in the Grand Rapids Press and a link to a story one of our interns wrote for the Avenue for the Arts website.

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