Alumni in Residence.


I have written a ton of times about how amazing it is talking to students and visiting university classes. This winter I was asked by Grand Valley State University to come and speak to their Art and Design Students as an Alumni in Residence (GVSU double alumni WOOT!). Turns out that an Alumni in Residence gets a chance to speak to students presentation style and meet up with students and professors for lunch at the golf course.

I asked if we could have more students attend and eat bagels or pizza and not go to the Meadows because what art student WANTS to go to the Meadows? The highlight was chatting with a bunch of current students and finding out what they are working on/thinking about. There were a few awesome peeps and I can’t wait to see where they are headed.


In addition there was a lunch reception at the Alumni House with the parents, who got to do all of the smiling and picture taking and parental priding.

Thanks to Dellas Henke for the nomination and GVSU for the recognition. I promise, as soon as I finish paying off my school loans there is a big fat donation coming your way!

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