Baring your soul in print.

So this month I was featured in Grand Rapids Magazine in the Q&A section at the back and was in an extremely candid mood when I rattled off the answrs to the questions the editor asked…. Here is the article: and below I have included the full transcript of her questions and my answers! (Eep!)

I’m committed to: helping creative communities grow, providing local artist with a place to show their work & connect to community, Heartside, doing good work, infusing tomorrow with a bit of awesome, making good food & art, enjoying Michigan not matter the season and eventually cleaning my office.

Last time I cried: the last time I saw my best friend we ate drank whiskey, ate cheese and had a cathartic cry. i think we both cried so the other person didn’t have to cry alone.

My guilty pleasure? I don’t have a finely tuned sense of guilty. I think guilt is over rated, enjoy it today because it could be gone tomorrow, whatever IT is.

My worst habit? I am an interrupt-er. I get SO excited about ideas and conversations that I constantly butt in, then realize how rude I have been, apologize and force myself to pay very close attention to what the other person(s) is saying. I suspect I only catch myself 50 percent of the time, Sometimes I even interrupt MYSELF.

What living artist do you most admire? The blue collar artist or musician who scraps together a living wage by doing the grustle. (Grind plus hustle). When you are mashing together part time work, a full time passion for creating AND paying the bills you deserve a round of applause. If you achieve all of that, and maintain a healthy family life, you deserve a standing O.

What is your greatest fear? Nazis, tornados, unrequited love, being wrong, not leaving a good tip…. Not in that particular order, but you get get the picture.

What item would you retrieve from your burning house? My roommate Leanne, and her viola and if I still had room on my back, my bed, my dad custom built it and I love it.

What’s on your iPod?
Recently lots of very talented ladies including Lykke li, Santigold, Raphael Saadiq, Zee Avi and v.v. Brown. I would like to add some local music so I guess this can be a call for suggestions…

Early riser or night owl? I don’t think of myself as a morning person but over the last few years I have definitely started getting up earlier. That fist hour is pretty rocky so i try to do something that I don’t enjoy and that doesn’t take much brain power like…. cleaning…

My favorite item of clothing? My Batman T-shirt. I always have two in rotation because I will wear them to shreds. And any of my Avenue for the Arts gear, T-shirts, bandanna, Second layers, pretty much anything. i have no shame, being a walking billboard is just fine with me. I am thinking about having the ave arts logo printed on a dress for formal occasions.

For exercise I…? Walk. I strap on my headphones and hit the street. I love exploring neighborhoods, parks and getting to know different parts of Grand Rapids.

My proudest moment? Anytime one of the interns I have worked with over the last few years lands a good gig and/or decides to stay in Grand Rapids. They are making GR a better place one idea at a time, infusing everything they do with mad talent and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.


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