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There are a handful of things I love about Boston, the first three are people, Lisa, Crow and Garrison, the third is the proliferation of amazing seafood (one of the rare times I am truly pescatarian) and last but not least… Park Life. I LOVE visiting the parks in Boston. This year I got to spend an amazing morning wandering the Fenn as well as walking the park in Downtown Boston with Lisa and Garrison. For whatever reason I find each trip to Boston is indelibly marked by my perceptions and relationship to the parks.

Since I almost always visit in spring the parks seem SO alive with people, people who actually USE civic space. I’m not overlooking the fact that when on vacation I also spend more time in public space but each time I am awed by the shear amount of people and te diversity of use. Finally I love the Gardens in the Fenn, I spent hours wandering, peaking though hedges, taking in flower combos and lusting after hostas.

Here are a few pics from the trip including Gar chilling with a rad sax player that he was totally entranced by.

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