There is nothing like Michigan rain sun rain rain ominous clouds sun to set you up for an event roller coaster. This year the Avenue for the Arts decided to DO SOMETHING for ArtPrize. I ended up registering as an artist (one of those things I didn’t think I would ever do) and Taylor Greenfield and I entered a collaboration called ArtShop.

Artshop for all intents and purposes was our way of creating a time and space for artists (including ourselves) to sell artwork to the massive throngs of ArtPrize attendees… but this experiment had some serious fails.

1. Weather. Thank you Michigan for always reminding us to be humble, and wet and cold.
2. Starting early on a Sunday. Because EVERYONE IS IN CHURCH!
3. THREE DAYS of sitting in a parking lot (if it hadn’t already been cold and rainy was TOO much for our vendors (and friends!)

For all the fail there were some wins, all of the artists reported selling something. I was able to finish an entirely new body of work and a set of stamped earrings. Some artist reported fairly successful sales and as always, misery creates camaraderie. Nothing like a little rain to make people co-miser-ate. We can chalk this one up to building community.

Live, learn and do it again next year.


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