A Lot of Art


We have been trying to figure out a great fundraiser for the Avenue for a few years now and low and behold Jess Hacker hooked us up with a great opportunity. San Chez Bistro kicks off their ArtPrize season with a sneak peek at their artists collection and shuts down the entire restaurant for the night. Proceeds go to supporting a local arts organization and this year our awesome volunteer coordinator Jess Hacker helped to facilitate the Avenue’s involvement.


The event featured an outdoor art market, two performance stages, paella and cocktail demos, art throughout, butler-ed food and an AWESOME vibe.


The event raised a significant portion of the Advisory Committee’s budget for 2012 and it was a great night. I am SO thankful for the San Chez crew ESPECIALLY awesome event coordinators, Annie DeYoung and Danielle Dunn and the amazing GM Cindy Schneider, a constant Avenue Supporter!


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