Talent and time.

Picture 823

Each year i have an internship placement from the Hope College Social Work Program. Its been helpful to work with emerging practioners who are fresh to the Social Work field (my background is printmaking and Npnprofit Administration) becuase they come with a totally different skill set and perspective.

Zach Lindell spent two semesters with Dwelling Place and ended his internship by coordinating two events, including the Heartside Clean Sweep and The Heartside Talent Show. Clean Sweep brought in 150 Aquinas students to clean up and mulch Heartside public spaces and downtown Dwelling Place housing communities, Mayor George Heartwell greeted the students in Heartside Park.

Heartside Talent show is one of the most amazing events that we helpf facilitate. Each year the event seems as though it is going to be a disaster and through a sheer force of will it comes off fantastically. This year’s event featured 22 performers and attracted around 60 attendees. The annual event was co-coordinated with Martineau resident Corey Ruffin and hosted at Pyramid Scheme.

Congratulations Zach, i am so happy to have worked with you! Good luck in your new job!

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