heart breaks

This month the building that the Division Avenue Arts Collective has lived in for almost 10 years was sold to a building developer who does not want to continue leasing to the members of the cooperative. Although i haven’t been an active participant for a few years i was on the board for quite a bit of the last decade and i am heartbroken.

It is hard to reconcile the idea that the positive changes we have made along South Division have directly contributed to the uprooting of this amazing space.





Here are some thoughts that i shared via Facebook:

Over the last few days I have been thinking a lot about what to say about the dislocation of the DAAC and none of it seems adequate. It seems more important to share how the DAAC influenced my life. I hope other people take the time to share (here, where all of the comments can be accounted for)

  1. Mike Saunders brought me to the DAAC, the DAAC brought me to South Division and I have been here, ever since, heart and mind.
  2. Being a part of the DAAC board taught me that: you can disagree (loudly) with others and still be working towards a similar vision (Ben), help comes from unexpected places and that all organizations have silent heroes (Jeff, Herm)
  3. Putting on countless DAAC art shows and sitting through quite a few ( but maybe not my fair share) of music shows taught me that: curating means more then coming up with cool ideas for shows, it’s just better to DIT, that everyone has to start somewhere, it might not be your cup ‘o tea but someone thinks it is RAD, that enthusiasm is COOL and that successful shows come from people connecting, not from the numbers of people who show up.
  4. After a 3 year hiatus of not showing any of the art I was making, I finally was ready to have a show and the ONLY place I wanted to have it was at the DAAC. Because it didn’t matter if the work was gallery ready, if i had a “following” if it was going to sell or if it was “good” I could do it on my own terms, in my own way, with the support of friends and family.
  5. SO MANY people entered my life though the DAAC. Even if I had seen them around town, I met them, worked with them and saw their talent shine at the DAAC. These are people I HUG and respect the shit out of. There are SO MANY.
  6. That everyone needs A PLACE including: kids and music lovers who want to see shows, bands just starting out, people with big ideas and no $, fund raisers that don’t have a budget but need a venue, artists who don’t fit in conventional space or retail space, the DAAC IS. that space.

There are more times, people memories then there will ever be space for, 10 years worth of Awesome. Thank you to every person (but most especially george) who has and WILL make the DAAC so life changing.





the daac

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