Watch Me Work….


Making art in front of people freaks me out. Well,  it doesn’t like freak me out, freak me out, but SORT OF. I am convinced that carving a plate is totally solitary, and that printing is too unpredictable to be interesting, BUT never the less this year i participated in Live Coverage at the UICA. To get ready for the event i worked for a few weeks ahead of time drawing and carving the piece. My estimate is that cutting takes about an hour per square inch, so by the time the event rolled around i had spent about 30 hours on the piece ( its arguable how valuable the time invested is- some people don’t care if art is spontaneous or planned, but time is a common currency… so……)

cutting cutting 2 printing
The day of i worked from 1pm until 9pm and pulled a few prints right at the end. The piece sold for $230 to benefit the UICA. A limited edition of  the image (on another type of paper) are still available.  I snagged a few good pics from all of the event hype and off of my friend Alaina’s instagram page


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