It’s so much amazing.


I wanted to say that I can’t even begin to explain the process of planning Art.Downtown. But actually I can.

It’s really fucking hard, and it takes a long time, and a TON of people participate in creating the event and when it is all over I want to cry >>>Sort of because I am so happy that it worked, and because its so much work, and because it is all so awesome.


Did I mention how inspiring it is to see South Division swarmed with people looking at art? To see artists grinning and hear people TALK ABOUT ART? Over 600 hundred people participated in making this event happen and just thinking about how great each person’s contribution is, it actually blows my mind thinking about it, and i probably spend more time thinking about it then anyone else does.

Thank you Leah, Liz, Kate and Lauren… you did an amazing job.



This year’s event was so amazing I can’t even begin to write anything that touches its’ awesomeness…. Luckily I don’t have to… I just get to spend the rest of the weekend in my pajamas feeling an immense feeling of gratitude and eating chocolate ice cream from the container.

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