Answers from the HiveMind: Resources Bulk Paper


The Question: Where do you buy paper in Grand Rapids? Is there an outlet? Or a mill store? where do you get lots of paper for inexpensively?

Local Distributors

Big Box Resources

  • Office Max or Depot for everything else.
  • Big rolls of it at Home Depot
  • Copy paper is cheat at Big Lots.

Out of Town

Additional suggestions:

  • Often times printers have remnants left from the production process, so if you like odd sizes, that might be a cheap/free option.
  • Butcher paper for signs…..and architects warehouse for rolls also wensco!

Online resources

  • Larger orders of more specialty paper I use quimby (their cash and carry minimum is $200)
  • French paper directly from their website. since we live so close UPS Ground shipping = next day if you order before 3pm.
  • this is the only reasonable source for reams (not just little pads) of newsprint that can be cut easily to 11 x 17…/dp/B001AZ0CT8/ref=sr_1_2_m…
  • Plain White Newsprint, Unlined, 9 x 12, White, 500 Sheets; no. PAC3407

The Contributors: Kat Russell, Nick Nortier, Dave Petroelje, Molly Miles Rizor, Fred Bivins, Carly Zeeuw, Toni Bal, Kathleen Harrigan, Sierra Cole, Sheryl Budnik, George Wietor, Suzanne Bladey, Nick Nortier, Cat Campbell


I love the fact that the Facebook hivemind can be used to share personal experiences and resources. Sometimes I ask a question because I don’t know the answer, want to hear what my community has to say and lately I have been receiving requests from friends asking me to request very specific resources. The responses are generally useful but they get lost in the traffic of facebook so I thought they would be worth saving.

So this post is part of a series, Answers from the hivemind


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