for the very first time….

cut top

Well maybe not the first time… but the first time i was really happy with the results. This month i completed one of my first “commissioned” pieces of artwork. Sure i’ve made pieces for family before but the Trip the Light poster was a little different.
I had a brief meeting with Amy and Erin Wilson to hear about their vision for this year’s Trip performance. I think i’ve been to each year and it is absolutely one of my favorite local events. I walked out of the conversation with the phrases, arc of flight, shared experience, kiss the sky and a journey ringing in my head. The concept was to loosely riff off a piece i made recently and create a piece that could be stand alone and be used as a poster.

I started with a sketch


worked on the composition on the block



tried to integrate a few different sky stories as well as my style.



The Story i constructed includes the Grand Rapids Skyline and extends up into the sky though various types of weather and times of day. It proclaims :”We are all on this journey together”

poster image 3-1
While I don’t’ know how well it worked to integrate text i think the result is pretty interesting. Looking back i would have spend more time on laying in the larger composition  and paying attention to the horizontal lines.

All in all I was honored to be asked to participate, happy that Amy liked the results and excited about future challenges.

Here is a great promo piece about the event, i can’t wait to see the performance.

TRIP THE LIGHT [PROMO TRAILER] from ArtPeers on Vimeo.

To purchase a print check out Pulled Print Press.

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