Answers from the HiveMind: Get The Buzz- Breweries and Beers


The Question: Tell me your favorite beers, and breweries, and WHY you like them…..


  • Short’s Brewing Company (4 mentions)
    • Beer Shout Outs: soft parade
    • Comments: Their brew pub up in Bellaire is fantastic. Great brew in a cool little town with rad folks. beautiful labels, great flavors, good atmosphere.
  • Founders (5 mentions)
    • Comments: for the amazing atmosphere with live music, not so much for the ambiance anymore but on any given Sunday evening it’s back to normal, and the heavy hitters (8.0 abv+) can’t be beat.
    • Beer Shout Outs: dirty bastard , Two Hearted  (a go to/ (all around best tasting IPA)
  • Bells (3 mentions)
    • Beer Shout Outs:Oberon (tastes like summer)
  • Harmony Brewing (3 mentions)
    • Beer Shout Outs: Starstuff, Grapefruit Moon (an IPA shandy that’s grapefruitliscious).
    • Comments For the cozy small local feel it has and the bomb ass pizza.
  • Perrin brewing (3 mentions)
    • Beer Shout Outs: a killer black ale, vanilla porter
  • Brewery Vivant (2 mentions)
    • Comments: because it is good beer I can walk to from my house, because of Belgians.
  • Mitten Brewing.( 2 mentions)
    • Beer Shout Outs:The Country Strong IPA is fantastic.
  • Greenbush (2)
    • Comments: because I’ve never had a bad ale from them.


  • Perrin (3)
  • Dark Horse (2)
  • Three Floyds in NW Indiana b/c the yeast they use yields a really unique, slightly fruity/floral palette across almost all their beers
  • Southern Tier b/c they consistently make high quality, diverse beers at a fairly high gravity. Lagunitas and Stone Brewing for similar reasons.
  • North Coast Brewing because of Le Merle.
  • OH and Surly Brewing Company.
  • Best brew and view in America. Solera Brewery Landmark
  • The Waldorf in Hastings- the java brown is a wonderful coffee beer on the lighter side
  • Yuengling. Pottstown, PA. – the oldest continuously operating brewery in the U.S. And it’s just good beer.
  • Harvest Harvest Moon Brewing Company- Pig’s Ass Porter
  • GRBC- The best Sunday brunch with beermosa’s, yum
  • Brooklyn brewing co.- The summer ale in a can, CUZ it tastes like, and reminds me of, the possibility of a youthful summer evening.
  • White Flame Brewery- Super G IPA or Double Tap Pale, because Andy Steenbergen is what’s up when it comes to making great beer!
  • Blackrocks in Marquette- Coconut brown ale
  • New Holland
  • Arcadia.
  • Right Brain in Traverse City
  • Odd Side in Grand Haven
  • Pigeon Hill Brewery in Muskegon


For people who claim to hate breweries:

  • Guinness
  • Coors Light, 110 calories
  • blatz
  • High Life, because it’s cheap as hell.

The Contributors: Marlee Grace Hanson, Jeremy N Lorelei Moore, Josh Breuer, Kathleen Harrigan, James Hash, Steven Donley, Katie Platte, Gypsy Schindler, Tom D Duimstra,Joel Zwart, Amanda Carmer, Erica Rae Lang, Mateo Juez, Michael Victor, Paula Vincent-leach, Jim Diem, John Curtis, Kathleen Harrigan, Brad Robinson, Lee S. Brown, Matt Ruiter, Amanda Linklater, Monica Willits-Rykse, Chris Cox


I love the fact that the Facebook hivemind can be used to share personal experiences and resources. Sometimes I ask a question because I don’t know the answer, want to hear what my community has to say and lately I have been receiving requests from friends asking me to request very specific resources. The responses are generally useful but they get lost in the traffic of facebook so I thought they would be worth saving.

So this post is part of a series, Answers from the hivemind

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