lo-fi, the distant recent past.

rebecca and lisa

Once upon a time in a warehouse not that far away I ran a gallery with a few friends…. Actually it was two friends, Lisa and Rebecca. We all graduated at the same time, had our graduate exhibition off campus in a (different) warehouse space and decided it was time to put all of that thinking and learning into practice.


Along with the help of an awesome crew of support we renovated a space on Logan street and made it into lo-fi gallery. The space had a little over 12 shows the year we were open. Surprisingly I drive by the lo-fi space pretty frequently, pretty sure it’s now a private biker bar or a maybe storage space for the local Elks lodge.

One of the shows featured Dave Warmenhoven who now shows at Sanctuary Folk Art. This was one of his first shows and he sent me the pics a few years ago.

davids work lofi

I think about that space, how freeing and difficult, it was to figure out balancing friendships, an arts related collaboration and making work. I’m enormously grateful for the people who participated and supported our experiment because I don’t think I would be who I am today with out it.

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