Answers from the HiveMind: CAMP TIME


The Question: What are closeish places to camp by water? July 23

Where to go…

  • Manistee national forest
  • Gun lake
  • Newaygo
  • Muskegon
  • Yankee Springs
  • Hoffmaster
  • North Muskegon / Whitelake-Montague area.
  • Lakeshore Park – Grand Marais, MI \ on a bluff overlooking Lake Superior
  • Deep Lake (rustic part near Yankee Springs) ( 5 Mentions!)
  • Porcupine mountains Lake Superior trail
  • Nordhouse dunes
  • Leelanau State Park.
  • informal encampment east of the Oxford St Trail bridge, on the north side of the river.
  • a place in pent water just a short walk to the beach.
  • on the banks of the grand river, there are some secret spots both north and south of downtown.
  • Northport for rustic and privacy.
  • Lake city, rustic small lakes. $15 ish. / night. By big swimming lake missawkee

The Contributors George Wietor, Brad Robinson, Shelley Schaub, Ryan Wyrick, Wendy Beth Joly,Robert J Rogers, Stacy Niedzwiecki,John K Erskine,Terri Dunderman, Wendy Withrow, Jayme Agens-Kettle, Anthony Mead, Lisa Oshust-Ambrose, Terri Dunderman, Joshua Duggan, Nicolas Nelson, Tommy Allen, Stephanie Voelck

I love the fact that the Facebook hivemind can be used to share personal experiences and resources. Sometimes I ask a question because I don’t know the answer, want to hear what my community has to say and lately I have been receiving requests from friends asking me to request very specific resources. The responses are generally useful but they get lost in the traffic of facebook so I thought they would be worth saving.

So this post is part of a series, Answers from the hivemind


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