The Snap, Crackle, Pop Tree

I love holiday decorating. LOVE IT. Its’ pretty much the lights, So lovely. This year we jumped on getting a tree right after Thanksgiving which i was super stoked about. This year’s tree farm was Vormittag Tree Farm- (yikes- Vomit-tag)

It was pretty drizzley but we found a cute little scotch pine and R cut it down and hauled it up to the barn (picture proof below). After some wrangling to get the pretty bent tree upright we strung lights and decked the branches. Pretty typical right?

And then the snap, crackle, pop started. Maybe it’s bugs, perhaps it’s an electrical short (SCARY), are all of the needles falling off? The sounds were coming from EVERYWHERE in the tree, and frequently!

Turns out a little googling answered the question….that is the sound of pinecones opening! How rad is that !

Cheers to the snap,crackle pop tree! You are little and mighty pretty.



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