To give……


I love the holidays. I think that is pretty clear, seeing friends and family, decorating, trees, lights, holiday events, holiday music, food traditions, you name it, I’m in. But my absolute favorite is making, wrapping and giving presents. Each year I give a mix of made and bought gifts with a heavy emphasis on making or buying local….with some basic limitations, I can’t for the life if me find locally made/sold reasonably priced men’s pajamas pants. So this year R and I collaborated on a few gifts for the family, and I made a few more here and there for the family. Here are a few I was pretty stoked about.


The Katniss Sweater
Taylor and I haver seen every Hunger Games movie in the theater and she mentioned early on that she loved Katniss’ sweater… and I replied… I can make that… so I did. A few skeins of yarn, a little googlin’g and vola’. It’s a Katnis sweater.






Starter Art Kit for the Guest Bedroom (R & J Co-lab)

When my sister and brother in-law said they wanted art for their guest bedroom I thought… we’ve got this…. Then they texted a pic and the wall was HUGE. So- after a little Pinterest hunting for good ideas we settled on making a 4some of paintings that could be mixed and matched with artwork into the future and with pieces they already own. Here are the pieces, and then in the room. – I will follow up with a pic after they are all hung.




Tell Me a Story Blocks (R & J Co-lab)

A block set for Little Bit featuring story elements so she can “build” her own story. We made sure to include an aunt, uncle and grandparents who look eerily familiar.





Welp, we are a bi-holiday family celebrating Hanukah and Christmas, so I made sure to make a gift for Little Bit for both. This quilt was intended to double as a play mat but she is pretty nimble these days crawling where ever when ever! It was beyond cute seeing her pull it out of the box and immediately cuddle with it.


Stevie Wonder-ful Weekend

This was a not real gift/gift. In mid November we went to visit Detroit with the Hall Wolf clan catching a Stevie Wonder concert, visiting Motown and a few sights and sounds in downtown D. I made this piece to commemorate our trip as a surprise gift reminder!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Gift baskets and ornaments galore

This year I made gift baskets for friends and family with baskets from Salvation Army and goods l canned this summer including dilly beans (at this point I am not sure if people actually like them I just keep making them) jams, ornaments and a few hot mitts from Beverly.

And thats the sum of the bigger gifts….. time to start thinking about next year……


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