GiftGift Holiday Creature Feature

For the first time ever we took a picture of everyone during GiftGift, which was awesome! This year there were 15 participants and some awesomely rad made gifts.

We split our group into gendered gifts (which sort of worked)

My favorites were the stuffed animals Erica Hill made, they were seriously awesome and the AMAZING masks made by one of our two newcomming Megans.


Erica’s story behind her knitted menagerie was that her goal as a kid was to have one stuffed version of every animal on the planet, her stuffed animals continue towards that goal. Megan’s amazing little creature masks are made of clay and leather. She calls all of her creatures Godfreys, because that is what her dad calls them, and they are AWESOME.


Here is a pick of the overall selection. With a few more detail shots to come!




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