New Year, New Resolution

I don’t do too much resolution setting for New Year but i always select a few goals and concepts to guide my year. This year my goals focus more on art as self improvement.

So here is my current goal list and mindset. It will be interesting to compare at the end of the year how much this thinking has shifted.

  • Make work, not to sell, but as a selfish exploration.
  • Invest in learning new techniques, make work in new/old mediums.
    • take a clay class
    • Make 10 drawings that are finished works
    • build a mobile
    • sew 2 dresses
  • Maintain/start memberships/donations to cultural organizations i want to support: GRAM, CMC, Avenue & (maybe) Dinderbeck.
  • Update my blog with images of my print work, not just craft works.
  • Purge my studio:
    • Donate unused art materials to heartside/wisemaker.
    • Have a studio sale to sell older works/craft goods.


  • Create beauty.
  • Travel somewhere epic and new.
  • Be a thoughtful partner, be loved/love.
  • Make unconventional fun.
  • Keep it simple.


I’m excited to get started!

Cheers to the New Year!

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