New arts. 

I’ve been on repeat with the work I make for a while now, sitting down to draw and thinking about ideas I feel like I have already had. After years of making work as therapy for this, that or the other thing, it seems like I can’t quite get away from the bad juju. So it is time to try to learn a few new tricks.

I have a list about 5 miles long of projects I want to do for myself, sewing of dresses, paper mache, making of house goods and doodles galore. But I keep putting it off because I’ve been trapped in the mindset that work has to sell and be for sale, and of course that rarely happens. So, instead of trying to sell things, its time to make work just for me.

It’s time to take a break from making prints and make something new. So I tried to think of the most opposite making process to challenge myself. This week I started taking a ceramics class at Kendall College of Art and Design.
To make plates for my kitchen, breaking old habits and checking a personal project off my list… works coming soon!


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