Projectlist: Drawing with Glaze Round 2. 

Well, i can’t say i love the results of this batch. 

First This group look like they might have slid into a kiln that was fired at a higher temp than i expected OR maybe i didnt stir the glaze  enough? Edit  

Next i’m still treating the glaze as though it is acrylic paint. And its not- it unpredictably looks like watercolor and i need to refine my painting style! 


Finally- the interior glaze creptonto the   outside and ran (my sloppy glaze technique!) 

So here are some things i am going to adjust for future projects: 

  1. Do the poured glaze on the inside first, before hand painting the exterior. 
  2. Continue to work on a better glaze painting! 
  3. Stir, stir, stir that glaze! 
  4. Double check my kiln shelf tomake  sure projects go in the right kiln load! 
  5. Stop painting in black so i expect less graphic results! And quietly chant- this is not a print, this is not a print! 

Embracing new techniques abd materials…Slowly but surely! 



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