And then it was spring.


After 4 months of planning Art.Downtown. over 597 artists took Grand Rapids by storm last week. The event was pretty great, but in true Michigan style the weather typically spring, drizzly, cold, with only a moment of sun.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 12.05.12 PM

The show went down without a hitch and here are some of the stats. Each year we track the event outcomes through an event report, its a doozey. You can check that out here. Personal highlights included:

  • An amazing Break it Down. Make it Better. Education event in February.
  • Getting to know Learning Lab peeps! Making awesome promos like our PSA!
  • Growing connections with and working alongside the 107 artists, curators, documenters, and site contacts attended one or more of the 8 planning meetings.
  • The Ladies Night exhibition at the Avenue for the Arts (Gallery) Space, where guest speaker and artist Chaka, shared stories about women to a packed house of over 60 listeners.
  • The exhibition created by Sarah Bullion where guests were invited to jump on cell phones!
  • The fact that 100% learning lab participants stated that they would recommend the internship to other students. When asked if they would recommend this internship to other students and recent graduates one participant stated: “This experience has been indescribably amazing. I have made so many connections, and grown so much as a student entering the professional world. I was overwhelmed with how this internship exceeded by expectations.”
  • The busiest sites in the area saw over 950 attendees (UICA), and 750 (106 Gallery). “In spite of the rain, there were a constantly people coming through the venue. Everyone involved was very invested in everyone else’s success.”


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