Bring out the Party.


When one of your best friends gets married you wheel out the party favors. This summer some of my best-est besties are getting hitched and we started the celebrations a few weeks ago with a shower and then a B.B.G. (Bachelorette Birthday Get-Together).

This post is a bit of an event planning brag, 2 parties in two weekends, 2 weeks before 2 amazing people get married! The couples shower was held in a vacant commercial space downtown and I stole some of these pics from the wedding photographer Chris Jones.

The Bachelorette Birthday party didn’t get the photographer royal treatment so you will have to take my word on it, shit looked GOOD (check out the backyard party pic below). And it was FUN. What does all of this partying mean? PRESENTS! Erica and I went in on a pretty baller Moscow Mule gift basket and I passed along a clay bowl.

Here are a few of the pics of the gifts and décor that we slung together for the PARTY (s) !




My co-party planner, Erica Hill, and I had a great time planning, scheming, decorating and celebrating! Can’t wait for Taylor and Nate’s Wedding!

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