I’m going to have a show. Kind of.

When you apply for a show it’s usually with a well formed body of work accompanied by an artists statement that is suppose to lead viewers to believe that THE ARTIST  has a very good well reasoned explanation for WHY they made such an cohesive body of work….. Well, Formed, New works by Jenn Schaub, isn’t that show.

Nine months ago I decided to change my process: push myself to try something radically different, move away from prints and drawings to start something fresh. By wiping the slate clean I thought I could alter my output, and maybe, change the way I was thinking about making artwork. I set up a list of creative goals for the year, enrolled in a ceramic classes at KCAD in the Continuing Studies program, and started to get dirty.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAt first I was taking a hand-building class and spending 4 hours a week re-learning old lessons about clay. When I started I had asked the instructor if I could take the class but not follow the syllabus because I wasn’t interested in making birdhouses and wanted to focus on making an entire set up of plates for my house…… And then I started making cups….. and planters…. and then i started going to the studio on weekends.

And within 6 months I realized I needed to apply for a studio membership and start working on some sculptural pieces. I was granted a studio membership 5 months ago and since then I’ve been thinking about:

  • Form:
    • Making work that is standing on the edge of being sculpture
    • How to push into real sculptural works while also making beautiful, functional, handmade objects
  • Concept:

Perhaps, most personally important, exploring WHY I make. Last week i read a quote by Kenny Shopsin about why he cooks and it struck a cord (trust me, I wasn’t expecting Kenny Shopsin to be telling my truths.)

CoScreen Shot 2015-10-11 at 5.35.07 PMoking for me is a creative process. and I believe that people who are creative are creative for one of two reasons. Either they are going for truth and beauty, or they create as a way to dilute the venom produced by their subconscious minds. I cook for the second reason. When i cook i am cathartic, recuperative process that calms me down and brings me from a neurotic state to a relaxed functioning state.

Lightbulb! Kenny, fucking nailed it. After trying to decided if this “show” i am having on November 6th is about dreams, or memories, or stories, or clay, or relationships, or alien invasions…I realized the work I will be showing on November 6th is the product of a cathartic recuperative process that calms me, brings focus and helps to chill my brain the fuck out. It might not be good work, but damn it feels good to make, and right now, THAT is more important to me than a cohesive artist statement.

Want to check it out, lend an idea, opinion or just say hi? Join me at Craft House, 40 South Division, November 6th, from 6-9pm.

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