Formed: The Work….Part 1

During the Formed Exhibition i made a printed guide to the show which was handed out to visitors if they wanted to find out more about the work. The next two blog posts include the content from that hand out. I took the prices out because there is no effective way to sell this work online.

Formed: new work by Jenn Schaub

When you apply for a show it’s usually with a well formed body of work
accompanied by an artists statement that is suppose to lead viewers to believe that THE ARTIST has a very good well reasoned explanation for WHY they made such an cohesive body of work….. Well, Formed, New works by Jenn Schaub, isn’t that show.


Nine months ago I decided to change my process: push myself to try something radically different, move away from prints and drawings to start something fresh. By wiping the slate clean I thought I could alter my output, and maybe, change the way I was thinking about making artwork. I set up a list of creative goals for the year, enrolled in a ceramic classes at KCAD in the Continuing Studies program, and started to get dirty. This work is the product of my growing fascination with ceramics and an effort to push myself further. Here are some of my thoughts about the pieces, would love to hear what you think.

1 Run All Night Long

Concept: Sometimes I am exhausted by my dreams. I have a repeated dream from my childhood. Several pieces in this show delve into repeated childhood dreams and by     creating work about the dreams I spend time analyze what they mean and how I give them power as an adult. Seeing the wolves in process Lisa mentioned the work of Cai Guo-Quang, which I have seen twice which must have somehow subconsciously inspired this work,

Form: When I started thinking about creating sculptures I wasn’t sure how to move 2 dimensional images off of paper. This struggle is evident throughout the works on display. I found out how NOT to create your own wall mounted hangers and that I really like the white glaze over the underglaze.

2 Snake Series 1: Creating Order and Pattern

Concept: You know that part in Indiana jones where he sees the snake pit and exclaims “Snakes, not Snakes!” Yeah, I have a dream about that snake pit. The Snake Series is an attempt to take the chaos of the snake pit and make order.

Form: Dang, little dude snakes take a LOT longer than you think they will. Using a really heavy application of a stain and then firing it on a high heat to vitrify the stain was a suggestion from Lydia, the KCAD Studio Tech. I love the metallic finish contrasting with how fragile these guys are.

3 Snakes 2: Creating Order and Pattern

Concept: Making Order in the snake pit, take two. This guy started as a sketch that I wanted to turn into a ceramic piece.

Form: I learned a lot about drying times, the thickness of the clay and that there is a huge distance between the ceramic thing in my head and the product I sometimes produce. Want to decorate your Slytherian Dorm room?

4 Snakes 3: Creating Order and Pattern

Concept. Take the snakes one step further and apply them to objects. First jewelry because I was thinking about how when you wear a symbol of something you fear you conquer it and because I have been making A LOT of beads lately.

Form: Smashing linear animals into decorative motifs on geometric shapes is highly satisfying.

5 Snakes 4: Creating Order and Pattern

Concept. Well. Maybe I was a little snake obsessed. There just aren’t enough great snake patterns in the world. Not that I recommend drinking to conquer your fear, but these guys would be great for a whiskey and soda.

Form: Smashing linear animals into decorative motifs onto any thing is highly satisfying. Also making small cups, HIGHLY satisfying (I have about 20 small cups at home just waiting for designs and I can’t wait to glaze ‘em!)

6 Making Art, Making a Better You.

Concept: I am compelled to make things and while I do, I sort out my mental garbage. (like massive personal therapy splattered with mud and glaze) Recently I started thinking about how instead of thinking about problems, I should just try to be a better person. So I came up with a list of 100 things I could do to be a better person. On the wall you see the thinking list and on the floor the objects that were produced while I thought about being a better person. Maybe I will start on that list tomorrow, maybe making art just makes you better?

Form: Making more than 100 small word bubbles is VERY satisfying. Flat shapes warp when you heat them to over 1000 degrees. I asked friends to write out some of the better person to-dos but you can only tell which ones Taylor wrote out because she has beautiful handwriting.


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