4 Podcasts from Break it Down.  

The Avenue for the Arts Annual Break it Down. Make it Better.  this season was pretty rad. A full day of conversations the event took place in the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts. A partnership with ArtPrize and the UICA, my role is to help to facilitate the creation of the event. While this event was in its third year all of the staff with exception to myself, are new to the project. I work alongside staff from both organizations and the Learning Lab person to build the event from the ground up.

Here are some of my favorite images from the event, a few that I snapped along with a few captured by Ethan Ross.

This year we featured 10 conversations and workshops attended by 127 participants. Four of those conversations were produced into podcasts. Here, for your listening pleasure i have included links to all four podcasts. Apologies for the uniform introduction.

Mike Cook from Scopitone Vidbox  did all of the podcast production, special thanks to Mike and all of the amazing speakers who participated in the event, as well as, the awesome staff from UICA- Katherine Williams, ArtPrize- Katie Moore, and the Learning Lab glue who kept everything together, Callie Cherry.




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