The Flex Gallery -Project Progress

This season I was invited to participate in Zachary Johnson’s Flex Gallery, a great opportunity to create a project that pushes my normal boundaries. I had a few limitations set forth by Zachary, and a few ideas about what I wanted to explore.


  • Had to fit on the provided Flex Gallery Arm band
  • Had to be functional /wearable

Originating idea:

  • Reflect on the garden at night ( a little midwinter fever)
  • To make something that was dense by not bulky
  • Use repetition in shapes to make loose patterns

My starting sketches focused on identifying shapes i was interested in making.

The shapes I made in clay seemed to naturally make their own piles

But once i added color everything changed and the collection of shapes became to overwhelming. I had to simplify my layouts to make sure the final piece wasn’t to chaotic. at this point I also decided to make a few pieces that would be sold in the UICA Live Coverage Auction.

So now I was making a small edition of pieces. Here are some process shots



Here is the final Armband submitted to Zachary for the Flex Gallery.

So now that the Flex Gallery piece has been finalized Zachary has worn it in NYC (Finally my work has been shown in another state!)

Update: Hyperallergic covered the Flex Gallery and shared an image of a few of the Arm pieces on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.52.59 PM


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