Answers from the Hivemind: I dream of (vegetarian) Lunch

img_3502I have a bit of a poblano potato salad thing. Like a preoccupation. Like it is my FAVORITE FOOD right now… So i wanted to know what other amazing dishes and sides should i be trying out….. So I asked the Hivemind and here were the faves.

Tacos/Not Tacos
Tempeh Tacos- El Cunado
Veggie tacos – Taqueria San Jose
Tlacoyos (bean and cornmeal patties topped with Nopales salad and Queso Fresco)- El Granjero
Chili Rellanos- La Huasteca
Quesadillas- Marie Catrib
Breakfast burrito / tacos – Bartertown Diner
Potato Tacos – Donkey – Taqueria
Vegetarian dry burrito with half beans/half rice +onion and a side of hot sauce or a wet burrito – Taco Boy
Bean burrito add rice with ranchero sauce – Abode (Protip: Use the salt coated chips to scoop the extra sauce!)
Veggie tacos for summer- Uncle Cheetahs Soup Shop

Peanut curry noodle, (with fried tofu) – Bankok Taste
Gang Bang (no really, it’s a dish, I checked) – Lai Thai
Pad Se-ew with tofu and Pad Curry (red curry with a bunch of veggies) with tofu – Little Bangkok in Cascade

Archer roll , fried tofu and veggie udon – Maru Sushi
Vegetable Hibachi and green maki -Tokyo Grill

Indian/ inspired
Chana Masala – Palace of INDIA
Any of the Vegetarian dishes – Bombay
Indian nachos at Graydon’s Crossing

Sriracha fries- The Winchester
fries -Brewery Vivant
Poor-man wings (2) Stella’s

Falafel, we love it.
Falafel Wrap – Gita Pita
Falafel/hummus/tabouleh wrap sandwich – Shescho
Falafel lettuce wraps and crispy brussels sprouts – Social Kitchen
Falafel sandwiches – Chicago style gyro

Good Earth Pizza – Harmony
Mushroom pizza (2) – Terra
“chicken” pesto pizza. – The Mitten Brewing Company

And more:
Hippie stuffed burger at Stella’s (2)
Bubble and Squeak , Vegetable tagine, Gazelle salad -Terra
Raspberry torte – Sanchez
Hippie hash – Anna’s house
A43- Pho Soc Trang
Soup – Uncle Cheetahs Soup Shop
Five Layer Hummus Dip with vegetables and Naan – The Waldron Public House

Any of the….
veggie/vegan sandwiches shout out for the vegan pulled “pork” sandwich and buffalo cauliflower bites – Brick Road Pizza Co.

And the mouthwatering awards for the most individual dishes mentioned multiple times:
Spicy coleslaw and tofu gumbo, potato lasagna, Creole Tofu, spinach rice, and fried plantains – Chez Olga
Curry pie (deli counter) We Got The Beet ( lime curry sauce !), Trenton breakfast sandwich without bacon, AMO salad- Marie Catrib
Just everything – Lou’s Little Africa

Unknown locations: Waffle Tempeh Sammy Back Patio Tostadas

If you head north…..
The Alliance. A new TC restruant

Contributors who made my mouth water by sharing their oh-so-delish faves: Lindsey Ruffin, Jennifer Bafile, Matthew Wroblewski, Rickey Ainsworth, Elizabeth Hertl, Jackie Peterman, Tricia Boot, George Wietor, Jim Winslow, Anisa Williams, Callie Cherry, Tyler Wendling, Marisa Sandahl, Collin Bradford, Allyson Huttenga, Ken Miguel-Cipriano, Emma Higgins , Paula Manni, Kelli Kolakowski Belanger, Metta Dwyer, Kim Kibby, Megan Shannahan, Jeremy Knickerbocker, Christina LaFata, Megan Galvin, Nicole Macpherson, Angie PollyEsther Miller , Nina Dittmer , Anne Rosenbaum, Carol Leitch, Abbey Fowler ‘Hetts’, Nina Dittmer, Annie DeYoung, Hugo Claudin, Megan Galvin, Megan Geiken, Mariah Caitlin Cowsert, Jaime Johnson

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