Answers from the Hivemind: How to mail a LOT of stuff.


13723922_10153583957717397_4733585258267181868_oSometimes you need to mail a lot of stuff. Like ALOT. earlier this month we did an 800 piece mailing with 5 different things inside, including a pre addressed, stamped return envelope, it took more than 6 people working more than 8 hours to complete. and don’t get me started on the time it took to PRINT it all…… Modern problems amiright? So this week we have another 620 letters to mail and I am out of good will from friends who want to spend their days folding SO… to the mailing service we go. I asked the hivemind for favorite print/ mailing combos in GR and here is the cheat sheet list provided by a ton of amazing event gurus. The (# ) is the number of people that referred that company.

Two from the lakeshore

9 Grand Rapids based mail/print solutions

and….I love that two of the suggestions were environmentally friendly online resources:

Thank you to Marco Riolo, Elyse Mathos, Libby Crabb, Colin Cummings, Lynn Serulla, Derek Lancioni, Amber Jones, Evie Campbell, Phil Meade, Barbara Anderson, Janelle Hill, Danielle Alexander, Lindsey Ruffin, Amy Lindholm and Sara Bakker for your input! Will all of the great suggestions I can spend the weekend power washing the back porch instead of stuffing envelopes!

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