Shipwrecks and Kayaks

A few years ago a friend mentioned that there was a shipwreck off the coast in East Bay Traverse City. The first time we went out looking I didn’t have a very good estimation of location, just the directions off Haserot Beach, so after a pretty extensive and fruitless paddle, we hadn’t found much so I did some more research before we went back out….. the very next day. You can see the bow of the boat on Google, and I found some boat basics here.

It was about an hour paddle out and an hour back, there are tons of BIG fish in schools, which pretty interesting because I don’t know if I have seen as many in schools in the Great Lakes (but i am sure it happens all the time). We paddled out, about an hour and then ditched the boats and tried to swim out with snorkels. It was harder to find the location but if we could have jumped in off a boat it would have been easier to find the second time around. The boat hull is amazing, you can see the wooden pegs that held the hull together.

Here are a few more pics of our outings and the hull.

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