First 6 books of 2018

I made a goal of reading 12 books in 2018.

Readers i know are reading 30- 40+ books a year.  2017 felt dark and I hadn’t made time to read for fun, and I don’t have the time recently to read as much as in the past. Needless to say 12 seemed like a big goal. Also i wanted the lightest chill-ass books to read. Like a brain vacation. So in no particular order….. here are the first 6 books and a short version of my thoughts.

Outlander – Brutal rape scenes and sexualized violence. Not into it. Disappointed that so many people suggested this series and that I’ve already ordered the next two books. Not sure if I am going to be reading them.

Binti and Binti Home – First book was a Christmas book, second for the birthday, both excellent. Short, well written, fascinating reads. Love the concept, writing style and premise.

Authority – Southern Reach Trilogy, like a fucking bad dream. Feels like it was written to be a weak sauce movie, made me realize how much i dislike books without strong resolve.


Mistborn – First Bryan Sanderson Novel is a hell yes, Misborn’s hero is my type of women character. Into it.

Need a pic here. 

Like a meal of popcorn. It’s so light, so airy, so written for someone with no memory. Teen witches, latent magic, world wide magical conspiracies, dark waves and so much exposition you might drown in it. Written like a teen CW show. Pretty much the perfect or a busy season of events.

Also, the books consist of 3 mini books….. so that is like reading 15 books right?

Why did i make a post about my book list? Keeping myself accountable to reading the shit out of some books.

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